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Located in close proximity to Calwell Shopping Centre, Aquatic Achievers Calwell offers great quality children’s swimming lessons. The centre offers a fully temperature controlled facility allowing  students to swim in comfort all year round. The facility boasts ample seating for parents to watch lessons,  shower and changing facilities plus plenty of parking for your convenience.

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Kickstarting a Lifelong Love for Water in Calwell

At Aquatic Achievers, we are passionate about helping children of all ages develop confidence and comfort around water. At our Calwell swim school, our dedicated team of instructors are committed to teaching the fundamental skills that every Aussie kid should learn, so they can enjoy a day at the pool with friends, or a trip to the lake with family.

With over 30 years’ experience, we have seen the clear benefits that early exposure to water, and a specialised swimming program can have for young children. Our swimming lessons start with babies as young as 3 months old, meaning it is never too early for your little one to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of swimming lessons for children?

Getting in the pool at a young age and taking part in a structured swimming program has a variety of physical, mental, and social benefits. Aussie kids grow up around the water, so developing fundamental water safety skills and basic coordination will provide them with the confidence they need to enjoy our beaches, lakes, pools, and other waterways.

Swimming is an incredible form of exercise, particularly for developing children. For kids of all ages, a low-impact sport like swimming is the best way to develop physical strength and overall cardiovascular fitness.

Furthermore, a swim program provides a safe and nurturing environment to develop vital social skills such as independence and confidence. At Aquatic Achievers, we always love to see our students engaging, interacting with their peers, and making new friends.

What different ages do your programs cater to?

At Aquatic Achievers, our swimming lessons cater for children of all ages, from babies as young as 3 months old, to toddlers, through to children in primary school. We believe that it is never too early, and it is never too late to begin your child’s swimming journey.

We understand the dangers of the water, and the stress that it can cause for parents, which is why we are so passionate about building confidence, coordination, and water safety awareness for children in Calwell, and the surrounding areas of Tuggeranong, Gordon, Richardson, Theodore, Conder, and Isabella Plains.

Below is a breakdown of our structured swimming lessons, and the different skills that our certified instructors instil into children, through our age-sensitive programs.

Age Range Development Focus
0-3 years Foundational safety, confidence, and coordination development
3-5 years Solo swimming, core safety, and social skills development
5+ years Building endurance, stroke development, and further safety skills development

How often does my child need to attend swim school?

Swimming is like most other skills in life, it takes consistency, commitment, practice, and patience. For young children learning to swim, it is all about spending time in the water. This is the only true way to develop confidence and build the foundational skills to take forward in life.

It is completely normal for children to develop at different speeds, and our dedicated team of teaches have years of experience managing and fostering each child’s development, at their own pace.

For any child learning to swim, we generally recommend a minimum of one swimming lesson per week. This is an ideal frequency to maintain the skills that they have developed, build comfort around water, and keep them excited! We love to see our students eager to get back into the pool each week.