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Aquatic Achievers Gumdale boasts two indoor pools, one 20m and the other 25m, which are fully enclosed and heated for the comfort of our students all year round. These pools are also stringently quality assured for both the safety of customers and consistency of the experience.

Our Gumdale swim school caters for many of the surrounding suburbs including Birkdale, Wakerly, Belmont, Wynnum, Carindale and Capalaba.

 Nurturing a Lifelong Love for Swimming in Gumdale 

At Aquatic Achievers, it is our mission to help Australian children feel confident in the water and develop the fundamental skills necessary to enjoy our beautiful beaches and waterways. We believe that it is the right choice for every Queensland kid to learn to swim and to truly become comfortable in the water.

Whether it’s a day at the beach, a trip to the lake, or a chilled day by the backyard pool, learning basic water safety and swimming skills is essential. Starting as young as three months old, our structured programs help to foster a love for the water in our students and provide vital peace of mind for parents.

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Try a free Starter Session, or save time and book straight in to your recommended level.

FAQs About Our Kids Swimming Lessons


 How often should my child attend swimming lessons?

Swimming is like any other skill – it takes consistency, patience, and practice. Particularly for young swimmers, it is vital to frequently spend time in the water, to achieve true confidence and comfort.

For children, we recommend weekly sessions to launch their swimming journey, develop familiarity in the water, and build on the fundamental skills that they learn.

 How young should my child start swimming lessons?

As soon as possible! When it comes to developing a child’s confidence in the water, it is never too early. At Aquatic Achievers, we have swim programs for children as young as 3 months old, because we truly believe in the incredible benefits it can have for Aussie kids. These lessons are focused on teaching fundamental skills and coordination, while also developing foundational water safety awareness.

We understand the danger associated with water and the concern that it can cause for parents. That is why we are determined to develop these essential skills for children in Gumdale, in an environment that parents can trust.

What are the benefits of kids swimming lessons?

Learning to swim at a young age has a variety of physical, mental, and social benefits for children. Queensland kids grow up with beautiful beaches on their doorstep, so learning water safety skills early and developing confidence in the water allows them to take advantage of Brisbane’s neighbouring coastal destinations.

A proper, structured swim program for kids facilitates the development of key social skills and provides children with a safe environment to interact with their peers and make new friends. It also creates a sense of independence and self-confidence that is invaluable at a young age.

Furthermore, swimming is incredible for physical development. For young kids, a low-impact sport like swimming is the best way to build cardiovascular fitness and improve overall strength and coordination.