Boost Lessons

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Give progress a boost these holidays.

All families want to see there child progressing as best they can, but not everyone has time for a 5 day school holiday intensive program to give this progress a boost. With busy parents in mind, we have designed our school holiday Boost Lessons to be accessible to everyone, no matter your schedule.


Boost Lessons are based on normal class structure and lesson plans, making it easy for students to book in with another teacher or time slot across the week, while maintaining consistency of learning. These lessons are open to children of all levels, not just those of school age.


Book as many as you like, the choice is yours! There is no minimum booking number with boost lessons, but with their growing popularity, spaces can become limited in our popular time slots (it pays to plan ahead). Many parents enjoy the progress boost that additional lessons can offer while they have the time, but also a school holiday activity kids love to attend, especially in the warmer months.


Cost: $12.50/lesson

Availability: During school holiday periods

Bookings: Contact the Reception team

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