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About this level

The aim of this level is to comfortably swim 300 metres of normal Freestyle with correct technique. The transition from catch-up Freestyle to normal Freestyle, improves stroke efficiency which enables kids to swim longer distances. We also introduce the Breaststroke kick and improve Backstroke technique in this level. The main challenge of Bull Sharks is to develop the stamina and endurance to maintain correct Freestyle technique over 300 metres. Some children however, can also find elements of learning Breaststroke kick and Backstroke arms challenging. Average time in level: 8 months.

Level Aims

Bronze300 Distance Swim

2 laps independent 6-kicks 1-change Backstroke with correct start and finish.

10m independent Breaststroke kick with kickboard.

Progress Milestones

100m 2-stroke breathing Freestyle.

1 lap assisted 6-kicks 1-change Backstroke.

Assisted 3-step Breaststroke kick.

200m Freestyle.

2 laps independent 6-kicks 1-change Backstroke.

10m assisted Breaststroke kick with kickboard.

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