Endurance Week

A chance to go the distance

Endurance Week is a new opportunity for eligible children to challenge themselves in the Swim100 , Bronze300 and Silver500 distance swims, without missing the important benefits of our Safety Week SafeSkills refresher. These distance swims will no longer be held during Safety Week.

Endurance Week will run during normal lesson times for children in Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks, Great White Sharks and Juniors.


Event date: September 16-22, 2019

Cost: No additional cost

What to bring: Normal lesson gear



Swim100, Bronze300 & Silver500 Distance Swims

Students in our senior levels are given the chance to challenge themselves in three distance swim events. These swims are held during normal lesson times. Successful challengers will receive a personalised certificate to celebrate their achievement.

Swim100 (100m) – Tiger Sharks

Bronze300 (300m) – Bull Sharks

Silver500 (500m) – Great White Sharks & Juniors


Those who successfully conquer the Silver500 are also invited to attempt the Gold1k Distance Swim Event at Chandler’s Sleeman Centre on Nov 2, 2019.

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