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A reliable option for most students joining the program. This option provides the consistency needed to achieve steady progress across younger levels.


As children move through the program into the higher levels, we do recommend an additional lesson each week to help keep their fitness, focus and progress on track. Our higher levels become equally focused on distance and technique, made easier for those with the additional physical fitness each second lesson provides.

Our recommended booking option for those children around 3 years and over. This increased frequency is great for children joining our Dog Paddlers level and beyond, to gain some additional practice each week and in turn, show progress at a greater rate.


Attending 2 lessons per week has shown real results through many of our younger 1km achievers having switched to this booking option in our mid-program levels.

There are a number of reasons people choose private lessons:

1. This option is a fantastic way to get an your child up to speed when joining our program. Sometimes, parents wait until nearer to school age before starting swimming lessons for their child. As many of their peers have started lessons as infants, parents love this option as a way to catch their child up.

2. A number of children choosing our private lessons are those with learning difficulties, who may find it challenging within a group environment. The unique 1 on 1 approach can focus the lesson on the child’s learning and engagement style to break through barriers to progress.

3. Another common demand for our private lessons is from families moving to Australia. As there are few quality swimming programs abroad to prepare children for our popular Australian culture of swimming, let our experienced teachers aid your child to become safe, confident and enjoying the water with their friends sooner.

A fantastic way to boost progress during school holidays. These lessons are available to current students during the holidays to help boost children’s progress, whilst parents may have some additional availability.

You are welcome to book as many boost lessons as you can like, subject to availability of course. Most families will book 1 or 2 additional lessons across each week of the holidays as both a progress booster, as well as an affordable activity to keep children having fun and staying active.  more>

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