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Baby & Infant Swimming Lessons:

0 – 3 Year Olds

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The skills to learn, grow and explore!

Our structured swimming program for infants under 3 years old will teach children of this age group confidence in swimming solo, essential skills for building strokes, and crucial safety awareness. At Aquatic Achievers, our baby swim lessons aren’t just about learning to swim — they’re about learning to live. When you start swimming lessons for babies with us, your infant will be developing in more areas than just swimming.

Safety Focused

As babies and infants’ love of water grows, so must their understanding of water safety. By teaching various core safety skills our 0–3-year-old program leads the way in making safe and confident children at an early age.

Learn to Learn

Swimming lessons are often the first “classrooms” infants encounter in their early years. Baby swimming lessons contain structured learning, group dynamics and an all-new environment, which can help infants settle in, become more comfortable with themselves, and start their journey of learning.

Skills to be Social

The ability to swim, even in its most basic form, is crucial for our youngest and most vulnerable age group. By becoming confident around water as a baby, your infant will not only progress faster in later stages, but also have the confidence to engage in water play with friends. This head start also puts them in a great position for joining water-based activities at Kindy, School, and other social groups.

Life Lessons

Kite Surfer? Scuba Diver? Seal Trainer? Learning to swim opens the doors for a whole host of future careers, hobbies, and pastimes. We know that they aren’t even 3 yet, but by starting infant swimming lessons now, you are giving them the best chance at living out their best life in years to come (which will be here before you know it).

Our Starter Sessions are designed to allow families the chance to:

– Experience Aquatic Achievers and its program

-Assess your child’s ability and recommend the right level to start in.

-Answer any questions you might have around starting lessons.

Starter Sessions for infants and children in the 0–3-year old bracket can be conveniently booked online, with sessions usually available across weekdays and weekends.

Why Choose Aquatic Achievers for Baby Swimming Lessons?

Experience Guarantee

If Aquatic Achievers’ swimming lessons for babies don’t meet your expectations (or help you infant) during your first 30 days, you’ll get a full refund of any lesson fees. That’s our guarantee.



Our facilities are designed with your family in mind:

  • Fully enclosed/heated pool
  • On + off pool deck viewing areas
  • Parking, shower and changing facilities



Our swimming lessons for babies will boost progress and development for your child. We have trained children as young as 4 and 5 years who successfully achieve our 1km freestyle goal — and so can your child.

Simple + Convenient

  • 7 day lesson schedule
  • Manage bookings online + in-centre
  • On-time lessons
  • e-Feedback on children’s progress
  • In-centre swim gear store
  • Simple direct debit payment

Start your lesson booking

Try a free Starter Session, or save time and book straight in to your recommended level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of swimming lessons for babies? 

Baby swimming lessons can enable your infant to unlock their potential earlier in life. They’ll benefit in the following important areas:

  • Development of motor skills
  • Boosting cognitive function
  • Enhancement of physical and mental health
  • Water safety awareness
  • Development of social skills and friendships

In Australia, preparing your baby for life by acclimatising them in the water gives them a head start on all the water-based fun they’ll have later in life, as toddlers, and then as school-age children. Get started today with baby swim lessons at one of Aquatic Achievers’ dedicated swim schools.


Will I be in the water during the swimming lessons?

Yes — parents or caregivers are in the pool with their infant during this stage of our swimming lesson program. Not only does this help their trust, participation, and cultivate great bonding opportunities, but it can also be a lot of fun for both of you!


Where can I find baby swimming lessons near me?

Aquatic Achievers has dedicated swim schools all around the country, with 11 locations across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and the ACT. Browse our locations to find the nearest swim school near you, then book in a swimming lesson for your baby. Bring them to the swim school at your scheduled time and get ready to have fun!


What will my child learn from swimming lessons? 

In Aquatic Achievers’ structured swimming program for under 3-year-olds, we focus on the following key areas:

  • Foundational water safety
  • Water familiarisation
  • Confidence
  • Coordination development

We’ll gradually progress to basic swimming skills like floating, breath control, kicking, and more, laying the groundwork for more complex swimming skills to develop as your baby grows older.


What should I do before my baby’s first swimming lesson?

Before your baby’s first swimming lesson, it’s a good idea to spend time around water at home (supervised of course). Run a bath — splash water and play with toys. Your infant will need an appropriate swim nappy for lessons.


What if my baby doesn’t want to swim? 

At Aquatic Achievers, we are experienced with coaching infants and babies in the water. However, sometimes, they can be frightened and stressed around the water. We’ll take a caring, gentle approach, allowing your little one to become more comfortable in the water. We’re realistic – we know that it can take time to feel comfortable swimming; and we are passionate about letting infants grow at their own pace. What you can do is reinforce your infant’s swimming achievements and progress — together, we’ll let them know that they’re doing great!