Lessons are returning in Stage 3

From July, we hope to see swimming lessons begin returning across our centres (pending each State Government's move to 'Stage 3'). These target dates are:

ACT – July 27 | QLD – OPEN | VIC – TBA

*New Mt Ommaney centre (QLD) will open August 10.

We are implementing additional measures to keep families safe and visitor numbers manageable during this time. These measures will allow a full return to lessons sooner, with fewer schedule changes.

We’re available to help. If you are unable to return in July, please get in contact with your centre team.

Contact the Team

Contactless Service

A range of options to reduce contact while in centre:

  • Check in via mobile and contactless kiosks
  • Service help available from home via phone and email
  • Manage bookings & accounts online via Family Portal

Adapted Lesson Plans

To help minimise contact during lessons wherever we can.

Visitor Measures

We have added some crucial measures to help keep visitor numbers safe and manageable during this time:

  • 1 Guardian per Child/Family (where possible)
  • Enter/Lessons/Exit – please arrive only 5 mins prior and exit as soon as you’re dry & dressed.

Additional Cleaning

We’ve added even more scheduled cleans around the centre each day. Sanitisation stations will also be available for your convenience.

Helpful Signage

We are implementing clear and simple signage to help navigate any changes in-centre.

  • Seating + queuing markers
  • Entry + Exit guidance
  • Temporary changes notices

Helpful answers to some frequently asked questions…

Can I still dry & dress my children in centre after lessons?

Of course you can. We just ask that you only take the time you need, to help us manage the flow of visitors until restrictions ease.

Can I use the baby change benches?

Sure, you will just need to bring your own change mat for the moment.

I have multiple children to manage, can I bring a second guardian?

Families with multiple children swimming are welcome to bring a second guardian. We ask families to reduce uneccessary adult visitors “where possible” to help us manage visitor numbers until restrictions ease.

Will toilets still be available?

Yes there will be toilets available.

Where did these temporary changes stem from?

The Australian Swim School Association (ASSA), along with an alliance of swim school operators, have worked with State Government to agree on an approved COVIDSafe Plan for our industry. This plan and it’s guidance allows swim schools to safely return to operation sooner, and with fewer risks to patrons.

The current plan has been updated to reflect Stage 3 restrictions. We will also continuously reassess and adapt our planning as this guidance changes.

Do you still accept cash?

Yes we do, but our preferred method is contactless.

Should we stay home if we are feeling unwell?

Any students or guardians feeling unwell or showing symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend lessons. Instead, please contact your centre team for replacement options. To protect the health and safety of all Aquatic Achievers visitors, staff reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who is suspected to be unwell or showing symptoms.

NOTE : In line with new COVID-19 measures, for the remainder of 2020, we will be offering access to 2 additional replacement lessons. If more additional replacement lessons are required beyond these, please contact your centre team for options.

Is my booking still the same day and time?

For majority families it will be. There will be a small amount of necessary schedule changes, but these will be communicated directly with families. Please contact your centre if you need a reminder of lesson times.

Bookings are showing sooner than July in my Family Portal, is this right?

This is simply to hold your lesson bookings (day + time) until we reopen. You will not be charged for these bookings.

Can I change my booking now via Family Portal, ready for reopening?

Absolutely, you are welcome to change your lesson times (just remember that your first lesson won’t be until after we reopen from July 13). Your new booking will then be held and ready for reopening.

If I can't return in July, what should I do?

If you can’t return in July for any reason, please contact your centre team to discuss options as soon as possible.

Can I still purchase swim gear in centre?

Absolutely. The only change is that samples will be temporarily unavailable to try on. Our team will be able to help with advice on size and fit.

Planned under leading guidance

Aquatic Achievers' COVIDSAFE planning follows the relevant guidance from Australia's leading health, safety and industry authorities.

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