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Summer Safe Edition

Safety Week aims to build ongoing awareness for our young students and their families, about staying safe in and around the water. This message is not only limited to pools, but also extends to other various water environments we encounter such as beaches, rivers, dams and even bath time. With hundreds of young lives still being lost to water each year through preventable accidents, we look to continue creating safe and confident children in our students.

This pop-up week of fun, safety driven content assists children to develop a variety of skills and thinking to help keep themselves safe. By linking the theme of ‘safety’ with the iconic colours of the red and yellow lifesaving flag, we aim to drive timely education and awareness leading into the upcoming Summer season. This content will be delivered during normal lesson times for students in Seals level and above. We will also be holding our Bronze300 & Silver 500 distance swims during Safety Week for Bull Sharks level and above.


Event date: March 11-17, 2019

Cost: Free

What to bring: A change of clothes to swim in (children in ‘Seals’¬†level and above will do a clothed safety swim during their lesson)



Dress in red and yellow!

Join in the spirit by coming along to your lesson dressed in your brightest red and yellow clothing! Babies are also welcome to get in the spirit.

Special Lesson Plans

A special lesson plan has been developed for the week to introduce students in Seals level and above to new skills and thinking around water safety. These learnings will be timely as many families head off on holidays this Summer to beach and riverside destinations.

Bronze300 & Silver500 Distance Swims

Students in our senior levels are given the chance to challenge themselves in two distance swim events during Safety Week. These swims are held at the start of their normal lessons, before moving into special safety content.

Bronze300 (300m) РBull Sharks

Silver500 (500m) – Great White Sharks & Juniors


Those who successfully conquer the Silver500 are also invited to attempt the Gold1k Distance Swim Event at Chandler’s Sleeman Centre on May 25, 2019.

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