Time Trials

Feel the need for speed.

The Time Trials are held twice a year for our inspired swimmers to challenge their personal bests, across Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. These events are hosted in two convenient locations, our North Lakes Swim School for our north-side families, as well as at the Sleeman Sports Complex at Chandler for our south-side families. Students and their families are welcome to participate at either location. Hint: a number of students like to use this opportunity to familiarise themselves with the more intimidating environment surrounding the 50m olympic pool at Chandler. This ‘familiarisation’ is a perfect step towards readying themselves for more competitive or challenging events such as school swimming carnivals, or our Gold1k Swim Event.


Each participant receives a ‘Timecard’ after each stroke they challenge themselves on, allowing them to track their progress via their ‘My Times’ card, also available during the event. As well as experiencing the important emotional reward of progress, each child will be rewarded with a personalised certificate to show our appreciation for their effort and dedication to continuous improvement.


Students of our Bull Sharks and Tiger Sharks levels are asked to challenge only their two core strokes, Freestyle and Backstroke during the event. Great White Sharks and Juniors students are urged to challenge in all 4 strokes (where comfortable), to help identify areas we can help them to improve during future lessons. The event is not designed to create any pressure or public competition for our little achievers, but rather provide a platform for them to realise the progress they work hard for during lessons.


Next event: TBC

Event duration: Approx 2hrs

Event cost: Free

*Event is open to Aquatic Achievers students in Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks, Great White Sharks and Juniors levels.

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