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Aquatic Achievers Chandler

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The Aquatic Achievers Swim School at Chandler is a truly inspiring learning environment for young swimmers. Due to its quality, the venue is frequented by world class athletes in preperation for their local and international events such as Commonwealth and Olympic Games. Located in the heart of the Chandler Aquatic Centre, our venue boasts a 25m fully heated, indoor swimming pool for those in younger program levels, as well as one of Brisbane’s best indoor pool facilities, the 50m Olympic and dive pool.

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Fostering a Lifelong Love for Swimming in Chandler

Here at Aquatic Achievers, we believe developing confidence in the water is a fundamental rite of passage for every Aussie kid. We are blessed with beautiful beach destinations just a short drive from Brisbane, and it is our responsibility to ensure our children feel comfortable, safe, and strong when they head out to enjoy them.

With our purpose-built Chandler facility and dedicated swimming programs, we are passionate about teaching children the necessary skills, and providing parents with peace of mind. Whether you have a pool in your backyard, or just love the beach lifestyle, we’re here to help. Starting as young as three months old, our Aquatic Achievers swimming lessons provide essential water safety awareness and skills from a young age, while developing a lifelong love for the water.

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Try a free Starter Session, or save time and book straight into your recommended level.

Frequently Asked Questions


 Why is it important for children to learn to swim at a young age?

Learning to swim is a vital life skill for children of all ages, particularly when living in Australia. Aussie kids grow up around water, so it is crucial we provide them with the fundamental skills at a young age to feel safe and comfortable in the water. At Aquatic Achievers, we love to see young babies and children develop confidence in the water, and ultimately develop a love for swimming.

In addition to learning water safety and awareness, attending swimming lessons at a young age has a range of physical, mental, and social benefits. Learning to swim early helps to grow a child’s independence, self-confidence, and their ability to engage with their peers. It is also a brilliant, low-impact method to improve fitness, cardiovascular health, and overall strength.

Do you offer baby swimming lessons in Chandler?

Yes – we provide baby swimming lessons for children as young as 3-months old. At Aquatic Achievers, we believe it is never too early to get children feeling comfortable in the water and learning fundamental skills.

Our dedicated baby swimming program is focused on building confidence in the water, developing coordination and skill, and teaching foundational water safety skills. Every child progresses at their own speed, in the safe hands of our team of experts, meaning you don’t need to worry about your little ones.

Are your swimming teachers certified?

Absolutely – at Aquatic Achievers, we take pride in the standard of our swim teachers and the quality of their certification. Every member of our Chandler team has completed a comprehensive learn-to-swim training course and is certified by one of Australia’s leading industry partners, Austswim. Our dedicated instructors uphold the highest water safety standards and frequently attend workshops, refresher courses, and recertification as required.