The Program: 3 – 5 years.

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Give them the skills to live their best life.

At its core, our structured swimming program will teach children of this age group confidence in swimming solo,  essentials skills for building strokes and crucial safety awareness.

At Aquatic Achievers, our lessons are about so much more than just learning to swim. We also concurrently develop fundamental building blocks for many other areas of a child’s life (without them even knowing).

Safety 1st

As children grow, becoming increasingly mobile (and curious), safety becomes a real priority. Creating water-aware children is core to what we do, and we continue to build Safe-Skills through dedicated initiatives such as Safety Week and Endurance Week.

Learning to learn

Swimming lessons are one of the first structured learning environments that children encounter. Routine, turn-taking, group interaction and repetition just to name a few, are simple but crucial skills a child must develop as they start their life long journey of learning.

Social Skills

Don’t undervalue the basic ability to swim. In the lead up to school especially, this ability becomes a crucial element of fitting in for children. School swimming programs and carnivals, a day at the beach or a waterpark with friends, even summer in the family pool are all made possible through water confidence.

Building blocks

Pro Surfer? Marine Biologist? Dolphin Trainer? Swimming is at the core of so many wonderful things we enjoy. It is also a valuable building block in many children’s future careers (they just don’t know it yet). Give your child the head start and the freedom to pursue a life of endless possibilities.

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Our Starter Sessions are designed to allow families the chance to:

– Experience Aquatic Achievers and its program

-Assess your child’s ability and recommend the right level to start in.

-Answer any questions you might have around starting lessons.

Starter Sessions can be conveniently booked online, with sessions usually available across weekdays and weekends.

Why choose Aquatic Achievers?

Experience Guarantee

In the unlikely event that Aquatic Achievers doesn’t meet your expectations during your first 30 days, we offer a full refund of any lesson fees. Simple.



Our facilities are designed with your family in mind:

  • Fully enclosed/heated pool
  • On + off pool deck viewing areas
  • Parking, shower and change facilities



Our program offers great structure for children which is shown to boost progress. With children as young as 4 and 5 years achieving our 1km freestyle goal, the results speak for themselves.

Simple + Convenient

  • 7 day lesson schedule
  • Manage bookings online + in-centre
  • On-time lessons
  • e-Feedback on children’s progress
  • In-centre swim gear store
  • Simple direct debit payment

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