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Swimming Lessons for Schools

Enjoy our swimming program for schools, your way.

With the option of hosting your school swimming lessons at one of our purpose-built, Aquatic Achievers learn to swim facilities or your own school's pool. We can work to create the perfect swimming program for your school's budget and requirements.


Choose your preferred day, time, facility, and more to design a swim program to suit your school's needs. We also cater to most group sizes and skill levels as standard.


With volume-based pricing, an easy booking process, and personalised service, we'll help design your school’s swim program from start to finish.


Choose from our standard options or add extras as you quote. Swim caps in your school colour? Goggles for purchase? Dedicated safety lesson? Enjoy your program, your way.


Our SchoolSwim Team are all Austswim certified and experienced learn-to-swim teachers. They are well-equipped to deliver fun, friendly, high-quality swimming lessons for schools with real outcomes.

Peace of mind for Parents 

At Aquatic Achievers, we understand the importance of delivering an effective school swimming program. With these lessons sometimes being the only swimming lessons a child will receive, there’s a responsibility to make them count. Local schools rely on our team to provide a structured, efficient and fun swim programs for their students, on time and on budget across all school terms. Parents can also be assured their children are learning fundamental water safety and essential swimming skills – from highly-trained swimming teachers.

Our structured programs – led by Austswim-certified instructors – cater to all skill students’ levels, ensuring attention for each child and fostering development at their own pace. Aquatic Achievers is committed to making quality school swimming lessons possible for local schools, while providing an enriching experience for students. 

Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, or any of the surrounding suburbs – we have qualified instructors that can come to your school, or leading-quality facilities in your area where we can host your SwimSchool programs.

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Min age 3 years

Frequently Asked Questions


Do the swimming lessons occur in our school’s pool or at an Aquatic Achievers facility? 

We can do either! Aquatic Achievers is committed to providing flexible, convenient, and stress-free swimming lessons for schools across Australia. Our mission is to get Aussie kids comfortable and confident in the water, so we are determined to make lessons easily accessible and simple to manage for school program organisers.

We can organise our swimming programs for schools in any of our purpose-built Aquatic Achievers facilities, or we can even come to your school’s pool and run the lessons there. We design the program to meet your school’s unique needs, preferences, and budget.


What are the benefits of a swim program for the students in school? 

While also providing exposure to core elements of learning-to-swim, swimming programs for schools help students with several physical, mental, social, and emotional benefits, including:

Confidence and Water Safety: 

Participation in a swim program boosts children’s confidence in and around water, equipping them with the vital knowledge of water safety skills that every Aussie kid should have.

Developing Technical Swimming Skills:

Our SchoolSwim program promotes improvement in crucial swimming techniques and mastery of different strokes – leading to an overall improvement in swimming ability, comfortability, and skill.

Cardiovascular Fitness and Strength: 

Our school swimming program helps students build cardiovascular fitness and physical strength through a low-impact sport. Regular swimming is a healthy and effective way for children to learn critical motor skills and build a solid fitness base from a young age.

Learning in a New Environment:

School swimming lessons are a great way to get kids out of the classroom and provide a new environment for learning and growing. Diversifying children’s learning environments reinforces positive attitudes towards learning and enhances student development.

Social Skills: 

A school swimming programme provides a fun and interactive environment for students to interact with their classmates in new ways. In our SchoolSwim program, our qualified instructors provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, ensuring every child feels supported and included.

Building Life-Long Skills and a Foundation for Future Opportunities: 

Providing school children with a structured swimming program lays the foundation for various water-related professional and recreational opportunities in the future – ranging from a career as a swim instructor, a navy seal, or a professional surfer. Learning to swim is a must for any Aussie, so providing students with the environment to learn is essential.

By instilling strong swimming skills and water safety habits, Aquatic Achievers equip children for a future where their ability to swim can open doors to numerous opportunities and develop fundamental skills applicable in various parts of life.


Are your swimming instructors qualified to teach schools? 

Absolutely! All our instructors at Aquatic Achievers are certified by Austswim, one of Australia’s leading industry partners. Our team not only complete a comprehensive ‘’Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety” training course as a minimum, but they also regularly attend workshops and courses and often obtain recertification to ensure we maintain the highest standards in water safety and teaching.

Aquatic Achievers takes great pride in our instructor’s qualifications, proficiency, and their ability to teach school groups both big and small. We are committed to providing every child that joins our school program with a safe and welcoming environment to learn fundamental swimming skills and confidence in the water.


What is the best age to start school swimming lessons? 

There is no “best” age to start swimming lessons, as it is never too early or too late to begin! At Aquatic Achievers, we cater to school children of various ages and skill levels, ranging from those just starting their schooling to those in their final years of primary school.

Our qualified and caring instructors are dedicated to helping each child develop their swimming abilities and confidence, consistently focusing on water safety skills. We understand that every child has a different level of skill and experience in the water, so we offer a range of solutions tailored to students of various ages and abilities.

In our swimming lessons, we primarily focus on building the following:

  • Fundamental water safety skills
  • Stroke development and technical swimming skills
  • Overall strength, fitness, and endurance


How often should we be running school programs?

When learning any new skill, consistency is key – especially with swimming. Weekly swimming lessons help to maintain and develop critical skills, build comfort in the water, and help to foster a passion for swimming among students.

However, we understand that availability and scheduling for schools can be more complex when you have a full curriculum and many students to manage. For some, a weekly swim trip to our pool works perfectly into their schedule over a school term – while for others, twice a week for a shorter period works better. Whatever you need, we can tailor our lessons to meet your school schedule.

Our experienced swim instructors also understand that children develop at different paces, and every child will have a different level of exposure to the water. So, we tailor our approach to adapt to the children’s progress. The more time students spend in the pool, the more confident and skilled they become.