Private Swimming Lessons

Australia’s favourite swim school – build confidence and skills in the water with private swimming lessons, available at an Aquatic Achievers swim school near you.

Find an Aquatic Achievers Swim School Near You

Aquatic Achievers has 11 swim schools conveniently located across New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, and Victoria, all offering private swimming lessons to young Australian children. No matter where you are, the Aquatic Achievers team can provide expert private swimming instructions. There are Austswim-certified instructors ready to provide private swimming lessons at each and every one of our purpose-built swim schools.

      The Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons

      Lessons can be tailored to your child: Private swim lessons mean that our instructors can customise their classes to suit the needs of the student and their current skill level. Whether your child is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced swimmer, our Aquatic Achievers team can tailor lesson plans to foster continuous growth and development.

      You’ll see big improvements: Having the instructor’s full attention and focus allows a more concentrated, customised lesson. This can be especially advantageous for certain learning types. Private lessons can also be a great way to gain additional support on a particular level or skill which is proving more difficult to master. Our instructors can provide immediate feedback and refine techniques more efficiently, ensuring a rewarding, enjoyable swimming journey.

      Increased confidence in the water: Swimming is a lifelong skill, so it’s essential to gain water confidence early in life. Private swim lessons allow swimmers to progress at their own pace, develop necessary skills and conquer any fear or anxiety they may have about being in the water.

      Frequently Asked Questions


      Where can I find private swimming lessons near me? 

      At Aquatic Achievers, private swimming lessons are available at our 11 purpose-built swim schools across Australia in New South Wales, the ACT, Queensland, and Victoria. Each swim school provides private swimming lessons from certified swimming trainers.


      Are your instructors qualified to give private swim lessons?

      You bet! All teachers are trained and certified by Austswim, and have completed the relevant courses such as the ‘Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety’ course — qualifying them to teach swimming and water safety to children.

      Our priority is to provide kids with a safe environment to enjoy their swimming — that’s why every Aquatic Achievers team member is appropriately qualified and regularly attends refresher classes, workshops, and re-certification courses.


      What age should my child start to learn to swim?

      Learning to swim is one of the most fundamental skills for young children, especially in Australia, but there’s no set age that they should start private swimming lessons. At Aquatic Achievers, we offer private swimming lessons for babies, infants, toddlers, and young children, so, it’s never too early or late to learn to swim.


      Can private swimming lessons cater for all children?

      Aquatic Achievers can provide private swimming lessons for most children, across various needs and abilities. If your child requires specific care or support, please discuss this with the team so we can recommend the right solution.