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Aquatic Achievers Paddington

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Located just minutes from the beautiful hubs of Rosalie and Paddington, this centre is a great lifestyle destination for our inner city families. Enjoy your child’s weekly lesson in our comfortable, enclosed facility with 25m heated pool, before rewarding yourselves with a treat from a scrumptious local vendor. Parking is easy with both on and off street parking available everyday and a variety of swimming lesson class times to suit even the busiest of schedules.

Drop in and see the centre, or jump in the pool and experience a lesson. The choice is yours. Simply contact the Paddington Team today to help you get started.

Start your lesson booking

Try a free Starter Session, or save time and book straight in to your recommended level.

Kickstarting A Lifelong Love for Swimming in Paddington

At Aquatic Achievers, we are passionate about developing children’s confidence in the water from a young age and creating a class of strong swimmers. Our specialised swimming lessons are designed with Queensland kids in mind. We believe that every child in Australia should learn to swim, and we are determined to help make that happen.

Whether your child is 3 months old, 3 years old, or 12 years old, it is never too late to kickstart their swimming journey. By joining our structured swimming program, your little one will develop the necessary skills to enjoy a nice day at the pool, or a trip to one of Brisbane’s nearby beach destinations.

FAQs for Swimming Lessons


What age should my child start their swimming journey?

The sooner your child learns to swim the better! From our 30 years’ experience, we’ve learned that it is never too early to begin your swimming journey. At Aquatic Achievers, we provide swimming lessons for babies as young as 3 months old, helping to build confidence in the water from a young age.

We are not naive to the risks associated with water. That is why our mission is to help Aussie kids develop the necessary safety skills to be comfortable in the water, while providing parents with peace of mind their children will be safe. Learning to swim early also helps children to develop key social and physical skills such as independence, cardiovascular fitness and overall strength.

What ages do you provide swimming lessons for?

At Aquatic Achievers, we proudly provide a variety of swimming programs, teaching children from as young as 3 months old, through to 12 years old. All our swimming lessons are focused on providing confidence in the water and developing the fundamental skills that Queensland kids need to enjoy our beaches and waterways.

To teach children effectively, our program in Paddington references the below structure as a guide:

Age Range Development Focus
0-3 years Foundational safety, confidence, and coordination development
3-5 years Solo swimming, core safety, and social skills development
5+ years Building endurance, stroke development, and further safety skills development

What qualifications and experience do your teachers have?

Every member of our Paddington team is certified by one of Australia’s leading industry partners, Austswim. It is our utmost priority to ensure our instructors are properly qualified, and uphold the highest standards. At Aquatic Achievers, it is our promise to parents that we will keep their children safe, while teaching them the skills to stay safe in future.

In addition to completing a comprehensive learn-to-swim training course, our dedicated staff members regularly recertify themselves and complete refresher courses to keep their skills current. Our teachers take great pride in their work and will always make sure to have the most up-to-date qualifications and training.