Solo-1 Swimming Program.

There are 4 common themes that our families say differentiate our program from the rest…


Each stage of the Solo-1 program contains detailed and sequential skills aims, developing the neccessary competencies to progress to the next level. This makes children feel more confident and better equipped to take the next step each time they graduate.


The Solo-1 program has helped children to progress faster than other programs. Many parents have made the change after spending countless months without seeing their child develop new skills.

Ability based

The program is ability based as well as age sensitive, which means children are learning to swim in the level which corresponds to their ability, not just their age.


Solo-1 produces results, with our youngest little achiever completing 1km Freestyle at age 4 (Isabella Ellis).

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Why choose Aquatic Achievers?

Experience Guarantee

In the unlikely event that Aquatic Achievers doesn’t meet expectations during your first 30 days, we offer a full refund of any lesson fees. Simple.



We specialise in teaching children to swim, so our facilities are designed with your family in mind. At a minimum they offer:

  • Fully enclosed/heated pool
  • On + off pool deck viewing areas
  • Parking, shower and change facilities



Our program offers great structure for children which is shown to boost progress. With children as young as 4 and 5 years achieving our 1km freestyle goal, the results speak for themselves.

Simple + Convenient

  • 7 day lesson schedule
  • Manage bookings online + in-centre
  • On-time lessons
  • e-Feedback on children’s progress
  • In-centre swim gear store
  • Simple direct debit payment