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Kids Swimming Lessons Sydney

Kickstarting a Lifelong Love of Water

At Aquatic Achievers, we believe that learning to swim is an essential skill that all Aussie kids must learn from a young age. As a parent, baby swimming lessons and kids swimming lessons with Aquatic Achievers will offer an invaluable tool for your child’s physical development and will help to build their confidence and independence in water.

In addition to developing foundational swim skills and developing proper swimming technique, our experienced, Austswim-certified swim teachers in Sydney focus on water safety and encourage a love of the water in all of our students.

For kids growing up in Sydney, this means developing the skills and know-how so that they can make the most of the coast’s abundant beaches, waterparks, and pools through their formative years.

Teach Your Children to Learn to Swim with Aquatic Achievers

Aquatic Achievers is Australia’s most trusted learn to swim schools for babies, toddlers, and children. Founded on the basic principle that learning to swim is a necessity for all children in Australia, Aquatic Achievers have been teaching Aussie kids to enjoy the water safely, since 1994.

Our swim schools in Sydney are staffed by professional, Austswim-certified swim teachers who continue to deliver the company’s much loved learn to swim program some thirty-years on. Our teachers are passionate about creating a positive and enjoyable learning experience for children of different ages and abilities.

Our Alexandria swim school is conveniently located within Sydney Corporate Park in Alexandria, Sydney. The facility boasts both on and off-street parking, with easy accessibility via Bourke Road and Orchard Road.

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Swimming Lessons in Sydney – Your FAQs Answered


How soon can my child start to attend swimming lessons?

Our honest opinion? As early as possible! From as young as 3 months old – starting them off from a young age will help to build their confidence in the water over time and nurture a love for aquatic environments. In our 30 years of experience teaching little ones to swim, we’ve found that they respond best when exposed to the water in a safe and structured learning environment from a young age.

Teaching them to swim since young will also ensure their safety — especially when drowning is the second highest cause of accidental death in children aged between 0-14 in Australia. Developing their swimming skills at an early age will help them stay safe and reduce the risk of water-related accidents.

Are your swimming lessons structured based on age?

Yes, our baby and kids swimming lessons in Sydney are separated into different streams based on age. The reasons for this are threefold: one, to ensure that the children in each group have an appropriate level of physical and motor skills for the level of learning, two, to group them among their peers for better learning and enjoyment, and three, to ensure progressive learning and sufficient time to master each level of swimming skill.

Our swimming classes are split into the following age groups:

0-3 years – foundational safety, confidence and coordination development

3-5 years – solo swimming, core safety, and social skills development

5+ years – building endurance, stroke development, and further safety skills development

How experienced and qualified are your instructors?

In a word – very.

All of our quality teachers are certified and backed by our leading industry partners, Austswim. Austswim certification means that our teachers go through comprehensive learn-to-swim training with demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities to teach swimming and water safety effectively. Our team also undergoes regular refreshers, workshops and re-certifications to help them achieve great results for the children they teach.

Our dedicated team of learn-to-swim instructors are the driving force behind Aquatic Achievers’ success and continued recommendation by parents. We are committed to providing a caring, nurturing environment that is backed by staff that are qualified, caring, and patient.

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is an underlying principal of all Aquatic Achievers swim schools. We are campaigners of safety and welfare for young people and take active steps to ensure that our youngest and most vulnerable are safe.

Some of the measures that we have in place include:

• Safeguarding children from abuse and neglect

• Maintaining the health and well-being of children

• Giving children a say in matters that concern them

• Nurturing and protecting children so that they reach their full potential

• Encouraging the inclusivity and participation

• Creating a child-friendly learn-to-swim culture

• Ongoing reviews of policies and procedures to protect children and young people

How often should kids be participating in swimming lessons?

Just like most things in your child’s development, learning to swim comes back to consistency and frequency. For very young children, one regular swimming lesson per week is all it takes to start helping them become safe and confident swimmers.

Swimming is a physical activity that requires practice to maintain and develop skills, so it’s important to have regular lessons so that they can continue to make progress.

Where are you located?

In Sydney, here’s where you can find our purpose-designed learn to swim centres:

Alexandria: 184 Bourke Road, Alexandria NSW 2015

Warriewood: 6/2 Daydream Street, Warriewood NSW 2102

You can book a free starter session online or by contacting our team. Our friendly team will help with lesson times, swim gear, and everything else that you need to get started.