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BabySwim Sessions

Fun and informative swim sessions for 3 month to 6 month old infants and babies, from just $5 per session!

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Swimming Lessons for Infants & Babies (3-6 months)

Come and experience BabySwim, a welcoming and informative introduction to swimming for infants under 6 months of age. Our baby swim sessions are designed to help parents and guardians introduce their child to the pool in a fun and friendly way, which helps build water confidence and useful skills for both adults and children to enjoy the water together in their early years. Sessions are also very affordable, starting from just $5 per session!

BabySwim sessions are structured as an introduction to swimming and lessons, with simple activities, skills and advice to help your baby play and learn their way to confidence. These sessions offer an easy and affordable weekly activity to meet and learn with other adults and their infants, in a supportive environment with experienced swim instructors. Aquatic Achievers’ centres are also heated and indoors to keep families comfortable all year round!

Enjoy BabySwim from only $5 per session, available now at participating Aquatic Achievers locations nationally across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra.

The benefits of BabySwim include:

→  A fun and affordable activity for those with infants under 6 months old.

→  Book as you go from only $5 per session (online booking available).

→  Babies will gain confidence in the water, helping them get more out of water play in their early years.

→  Babies will be better prepared for swimming lessons as they transition into a more structured, learn-to-swim program.

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Fun & Friendly Groups

Take the first steps with experienced teachers in a fun and social environment.

Head Start in Confidence & Safety

Help your infant to feel ready to enjoy the water, as well as future swimming lessons.

Comfortable Facilities

Our indoor, purpose-built facilities offer a great experience for families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to bring anything extra?

No extra gear is required for BabySwim. Just bring swimwear for both adults and infants, as well as a towel. Shower and change amenities are available for use before and after swimming sessions.

What will my child learn with BabySwim?

BabySwim is designed to introduce your baby to the water, and allow them to feel more confident playing, splashing, and swimming with guidance. During sessions, your baby will learn how to float, developing balance, back floating (with your support), submerging, and paddling.

Will adults be in the water?

Yes, an adult will need to be in the water to participate in the sessions with their infant. Being in the water with your baby offers a fantastic bonding experience – most parents love seeing their little ones get to play, splash, and learn!

Is BabySwim a level in the Solo1 learn to swim program?

BabySwim is designed as an introduction to lessons for infants who are between 3 and 6 months old, before starting the Solo1 Program in our ‘Squirts’ level (a level for those aged up to around 1 year old). Babies can also start directly into Squirts from 3 months of age, if parents wish to start more structured swimming lessons sooner. Either pathway will be very beneficial to a child’s water confidence.