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Baby & Kids Swimming Lessons Melbourne

Creating a Lifelong Love for Swimming in Melbourne

At Aquatic Achievers, we believe that every young Australian should feel confident in and around water. Whether it’s a backyard pool, a park river, or a sprawling beach, the ability to swim will not only allow your children to fully enjoy themselves in any aquatic environment, but also help to ensure their safety. No matter how young or old they are, learning how to swim will be invaluable for your child. 

Our Aquatic Achievers team are led by experienced and compassionate, Austswim-certified instructors who are committed to imparting lifelong swimming and water safety skills that will give your little ones a head start in life. Our swim schools in Melbourne focus on instilling essential water safety and foundational swimming techniques, to help your child discover their love for the water.

Discover a World of Aquatic Possibilities With Aquatic Achievers

For over 30 years, Aquatic Achievers has been teaching kids of all ages how to swim and find joy in the water. Since our first lesson in 1994, we‘ve consistently held the belief that quality swimming lessons are the key to helping every child discover their own independence and confidence in the aquatic environments.

As the leading swim school in Melbourne, we are always building upon our teaching methodology when it comes to water safety and essential swimming skills. Find out why Aquatic Achievers stands among Australia’s most popular swim schools with a free starter session today!

Everything You Need to Know About Swimming Lessons in Melbourne


When Is the Best Time to Start Your Child’s Swimming Journey?

The earlier the better! We offer swimming lessons to children as young as 3-months old, and we strongly believe in the immense benefits this has for Aussie kids. Our swimming lessons for children aged 3-months to 12 years helps to build confidence in your little one and provides fundamental skills they need in terms of safety awareness and overall comfortability in the water.

At Aquatic Achievers, we understand the risks associated with water and the stress it causes for parents. That is why we are so passionate about helping children in Australia to develop these essential skills at a young age.

What ages do you cater for?

At Aquatic Achievers, our swimming lessons in Melbourne cater from babies through to toddlers and primary aged school children. Below is an example of the different skills that we instil in students through our aged-based programs:

Age Range Development Focus
0-3 years Foundational safety, confidence, and coordination development
3-5 years Solo swimming, core safety, and social skills development
5+ years Building endurance, stroke development, and further safety skills development

How much experience do instructors have before teaching?

At Aquatic Achievers, we take pride in quality of our team and the care they will provide to your children. All of our expert Melbourne instructors are certified and backed by one of Australia’s leading industry partners, Austswim. To achieve this certification, our teachers complete a comprehensive ‘Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety’ course and have clearly demonstrated the necessary skills to teach water safety and swimming to children.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our team of instructors regularly partake in refresher courses, workshops, and recertification to ensure the required care and guidance is provided to every child that enters one of our pools.

What is safeguarding & how do you practice it?

Safeguarding is a fundamental principle across all Aquatic Achievers’ swim schools in Melbourne and Australia. We are advocates of security and well-being for minors and undertake proactive measures to guarantee that our youth and most susceptible are protected.

Some of the measures that we have in place include:

• Protecting children from harm and neglect

• Ensuring the physical and emotional health of children

• Allowing children the right to express their views on relevant issues

• Nurturing and preserving children’s growth and development

• Inspiring diversity and involvement

• Budding a welcoming and inclusive swimming environment for children

• Continually examining and updating policies and practices for the safety of children

How often should my child be attending swimming lessons? 

As with any skill, consistency is key. Particularly for children learning a new, fundamental skill like swimming, it is vital that they build their confidence and comfortability through regular lessons in the pool.

For young children, we recommend one regular swimming lesson per week to ensure they maintain the skills they have already learned and continue their progress in the water.

Where are you located?

In Melbourne, you can find the locations of our purpose-designed learn to swim facilities, as well as all the necessary booking information below.

Ferntree Gully

Address: Inside St Josephs College, 5 Brenock Park Drive, VIC 3156

Phone: 1300 34 34 68



Address: Westfield Knox, 425 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South VIC 3152

Phone: 1300 34 34 68


For every first timer we offer a free starter session, which can be booked online or by contacting our team. Feel free to each out to our friendly team and they will be happy to talk to you about lesson times, swim gear, and everything you can expect from a swimming lesson with Aquatic Achievers.