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About this level

The primary aim of this level is to swim 1 km Freestyle. Swimming 1 km proves that children have developed more than just the fundamentals of technique and endurance, transforming them into a safe and confident swimmer. In this level we also teach kids to competently swim Backstroke, Breaststroke and introductory Butterfly.  The main challenge of the Great White Sharks level is to develop the stamina and endurance needed to maintain correct Freestyle technique, across the 1km Freestyle swim. Children may also find the refinement of their Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly challenging as they perfect their technique.

Level aims

Gold1k Distance Swim. learn more

100m Backstroke.

100m Breaststroke.

25m Butterfly.

All starts and turns performed correctly.


Progress Milestones


Silver500 Distance Swim

Consistent stroke technique with controlled breathing.

Perform tumble turns correctly.


Opposite arm stroke technique while maintaining kicking with body alignment.

Push-off (DLP)


Correct stroke, breath and kick timing with a glide between.

Push-off (with pull-out)


Symmetrical stroke technique with with correct breath timing.

Push-Off (with Butterfly kick)

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