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About this level

Building on the valuable skills introduced in our Great White Sharks level, Juniors aims to take student’s water confidence and abilities even further. This level focuses not only on continuing the development of basic swimming skills, technique and fitness, but it also introduces time-based challenges to provide a renewed set of goals after their Gold1k achievement. Time-based challenges will also help ready students for later squad level training beyond our program.


Distance and combined stroke challenges at the top end of our program are introduced for a variety  of reasons. Another of these reasons being a focus on preparing students for a range of potential threats to their safety in aquatic environments.  Boating incidents, strong currents, accidental submersions, these will each require different responses eg. being swept in a current may require short bursts of swimming (speed/strength) or a potential swim back to shore (distance/paced). Stories arise each year from families about how skills from our program have saved their child’s life or those around them, ensuring our primary goal is to make students safe, prepared and confident in the water.



Level Aims


50m < 45 secs

100m < 1 min 40 secs

Gold1k Distance Swim



50m < 50 secs

100m < 2 mins



50m < 55 secs

100m < 2 mins



25m < 30 secs


Individual Medley (IM)

100m IM < 2 mins



All starts and turns at ‘competitive’ standards.

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